Cupping/Gua Sha

Relieve muscle soreness
and tightness

Cupping and Gua Sha treatments are safe,
effective and natural

Cupping and Gua Sha are part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The simplest explanation is to consider these a manual massage technique.

Cupping and Gua Sha help to alleviate muscle soreness and spasm. They work to break up adhesions and improve blood flow to an injured area. By doing so, the metabolic waste that exists in a tight muscle can now be re-circulated, allowing the muscle to heal.

While many of the images of Cupping online may seem scary, I can assure you, it feels really good. Patients tend to feel a strong sense of relief in sore muscles immediately.

Cupping and Gua Sha are excellent therapies to help with chronic or acute muscle tension, headaches and migraines. If you sit at a desk or over a computer all day, you’ve experienced upper back tension in the area between the shoulder blades. These therapies are excellent additions to your acupuncture treatments to help relieve this area.

“I am better able to deal with stress, my sleep quality has improved and Mark has been able to help me with a number of issues from allergies to digestion.”
Amoreena, Wakefield, MA , Sleep Problems, Digestion
“After many years of suffering with digestive issues, I found permanent relief via the acupuncture treatment Mark provides. Through treatment sessions and Chinese herbs, I am regular and do not suffer from gas and bloating. I also have more energy.”
Jennifer, Digestion, Sleep, PMS
“After a few acupuncture sessions I saw signs of change in my sleep and headaches.  I am sleeping much better and for my headaches, I have not had an aspirin/Tylenol for 5 months as I write this.”
Michelle Reading, MA, Sleep Problems
“I cannot say enough good things about Mark and how professional he is. There is a gentleness about him that complements his knowledge of acupuncture and truly makes his techniques effective … If you are going through IVF, I highly recommend that you see Mark.”
Paula, Infertility, IVF
“I first started acupuncture with Mark to help heal a heel spur and the resulting plantar fasciitis. From the first session Mark was extremely easy to work with. Thanks to Mark, I am back on the streets jogging and improving the pain I experience week to week.”
Adam, Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis
“I was recommended to see Mark Whalen at Five Points Acupuncture and Wellness by a loyal friend. I had a sharp pain in my lower back which made it difficult to walk. After five appointments with Mark, I am pain-free and walking fine.”
Thomas, Back Pain

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