Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Herbal formulas are customized to your individual condition to maximize your recovery

Chinese herbs are natural whole foods, mostly consisting of the aerial and root parts of plants. This includes root, tubers, seeds, leaves, and stems. The herbs are taken in their whole form, not isolated into single chemicals.

Extensive study has been conducted on the physiological properties of herbs. Many of the herbs commonly used have anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulant, analgesic (pain killing) and antibiotic properties. Chinese Herbal Medicine is designed to affect your physiology – ie, how your body functions.


All herbs we use are ordered from reputable companies who conform to GMP (Good Manufacturing Protocol) standards. The herbs are stringently tested for heavy metal contaminations and other impurities.

In most cases, patients can use Chinese Herbal Medicine while they are on prescription medications. It is important to communicate all medications you are taking to your herbalist to ensure safety.

It’s important to get your herbs from a licensed practitioner. There are many formulas available online, but the source and safety of the herbs may be in question.

Chinese herbs are not designed to be a permanent medication. As your condition improves, we will taper you off your herbs. The goal is to improve your function (physiology) by at least 80% during the course of your treatment.

Many of our herbal products come from Botanical Biohacking.  They provide sustainably grown, wild-crafted herbal medicine from China and Tibet. Grown at the right altitude, in the right climate, and harvested at the right time, these herbs serve as powerful botanical medicines to help you achieve optimal health.

“I am better able to deal with stress, my sleep quality has improved and Mark has been able to help me with a number of issues from allergies to digestion.”
Amoreena, Wakefield, MA , Sleep Problems, Digestion
“After many years of suffering with digestive issues, I found permanent relief via the acupuncture treatment Mark provides. Through treatment sessions and Chinese herbs, I am regular and do not suffer from gas and bloating. I also have more energy.”
Jennifer, Digestion, Sleep, PMS
“After a few acupuncture sessions I saw signs of change in my sleep and headaches.  I am sleeping much better and for my headaches, I have not had an aspirin/Tylenol for 5 months as I write this.”
Michelle Reading, MA, Sleep Problems
“I cannot say enough good things about Mark and how professional he is. There is a gentleness about him that complements his knowledge of acupuncture and truly makes his techniques effective … If you are going through IVF, I highly recommend that you see Mark.”
Paula, Infertility, IVF
“I first started acupuncture with Mark to help heal a heel spur and the resulting plantar fasciitis. From the first session Mark was extremely easy to work with. Thanks to Mark, I am back on the streets jogging and improving the pain I experience week to week.”
Adam, Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis
“I was recommended to see Mark Whalen at Five Points Acupuncture and Wellness by a loyal friend. I had a sharp pain in my lower back which made it difficult to walk. After five appointments with Mark, I am pain-free and walking fine.”
Thomas, Back Pain

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