Treatment of Acute Pain

Treating Acute Pain and Inflammation You've been injured. You rolled your ankle or twisted your knee. Or, you're my age and you sneezed aggressively and pulled a muscle in your back.  Whatever the case, what's the best way to treat an acute injury and the subsequent inflammation? It boils down to a debate about R.I.C.E. [...]

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Acupuncture for Migraines

ACUPUNCTURE FOR MIGRAINES If you’ve ever suffered with a Migraine, you know how debilitating it can be.  In the US alone over 30 million people suffer with migraines.  Migraine is the #6 leading cause of disability worldwide. Ninety-one percent of migraine sufferers miss work or can’t function normally.  The estimated cost of lost productivity is [...]

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Long Haul Covid

COVID19 Long Haulers I recently posted a link to a study showing over 200 symptoms associated with COVID19 long haulers.  These symptoms affect every system of the body.   COVID19 19 Long haulers may experience: Brain fog                                 Sleep problems Fatigue                                    Persistent fevers Shortness of breath               Cough Palpitation                              Loss of [...]

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